Class Action Lawsuit Over GM 8-Speed Automatic Transmissions

New Class Action Lawsuit Over GM 8-Speed Automatic Transmissions

GM is getting hit with another legal claim over their eight-speed automatic transmissions, which allegedly contain defects requiring replacement of its internal components or full replacement.

As first reported by GM Authority, The eight-speed transmission problems allegedly can be traced back to an issue with the torque converter that causes excess friction. Additionally the lawsuit also cites more than 60 technical service bulletins and service updates put out by GM regarding the eight-speed transmission problems.

GM Eight-Speed Transmission Lawsuit

As a result of friction from the torque converter, metal shavings allegedly are distributed through the transmission. Over some time, according to the lawsuit, the metal shavings cause problems within the transmission. Many of the transmission components end up damaged and either require repair or new transmission.

The lawsuit alleges that TSB documents are evidence GM was aware of problems with the transmission yet decided to sell those vehicles fitted with the eight-speed transmission anyway.

The class action suit filed against General Motors has requested that they change their warranties to address these transmission problems and also issue a recall for affected vehicles.

This class-action suit was filed against General Motors in the U.S District Court for Eastern Michigan, Southern Division.

Symptoms of Defective GM Eight-Speed Transmission

The following transmission symptoms have been alleged in the class action lawsuit:

  • Slipping, buck, kick, jerking
  • Harshly engage
  • Delay in downshifts
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Delayed acceleration
  • Difficulty stopping the vehicle
  • Suffer abnormal internal wear

General Motors Models Affected

The full list of affected GM vehicles in this class-action includes the following:

Owners experiencing problems with their GM eight-speed transmissions should document all dealings with service departments and keep all receipts. We will continue to provide updates as more news develops.

March 17, 2022 Update

This lawsuit has now been consolidated. Please see: GM 8 Speed Transmission Problems Leads to Another Class Action Lawsuit

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Last Updated on June 9, 2022

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  1. Avatar
    Kassandra CrossJanuary 14, 2022

    I have a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ and I have already had to take my truck to the dealership once for transmission issues a few months ago and I am having the same issues again. I bought my truck new June of 2020.

    1. Christopher
      ChristopherJanuary 15, 2022

      Thanks for adding your voice to this post Kassandra.

  2. Avatar
    BillFebruary 4, 2022

    I bought a new 2019 GMC Sierra and from week one had transmission issues stated here. Been to the dealer three times and they tell me it’s normal or they can’t replicate the issue. THEY KNOW THE PROBLEM!
    Who can help with filing a lawsuit?

    1. Christopher
      ChristopherFebruary 6, 2022

      Thanks for adding your voice to this post Bill.

  3. Avatar
    Brittany CartwrFebruary 6, 2022

    2016 Chevy Silverado LT…. Tourqe converter replaced at 40k miles now at 80k miles my transmission requires a half rebuild… Which I have chosen to replace the entire transmission as the rebuild only carries a 12k mile warranty… Absolutely rediculous
    Funny thing is currently at 80k likes I have to pay almost 6k for a new transmission but the new one carries a 100m Mike warranty… No reason the transmission should be gone at 80k miles. GM needs to recall these transmissions and make this right for their customers.

    1. Christopher
      ChristopherFebruary 6, 2022

      Thanks for adding your voice to this post Brittany.

    2. Avatar
      AlvinFebruary 26, 2022

      Replacement at 80,000 miles and yes GM should make it right to all their customers

      1. Christopher
        ChristopherFebruary 27, 2022

        Thanks for adding your voice to this post Alvin.

  4. Avatar
    AlbertFebruary 6, 2022

    I just bought a 2017 Yukon Denali. hard shifts, random acceleration, shuddering, delay in slowing down are all symptoms I am experiencing. Crazy how there isn’t a recall yet.

    1. Christopher
      ChristopherFebruary 7, 2022

      Thanks for adding your voice to this post Albert.

  5. Avatar
    JoshFebruary 8, 2022

    I bought a 2017 Silverado with 20,000 miles on it. At 25,000 I took it to the dealer for the shuddering problem, dealer changed the fluid and it was fine for a while then started slipping from 1 to 2. Dealer said it was a “harsh shift” and it was normal. I told them it was not just a harsh shift it is slipping. It’s only harsh if you don’t take your foot off the gas when it slips. Dealer kept it over night and said they couldn’t replicate the problem and couldn’t find anything wrong. Now with 78,000 it’s starting to shudder again. Took it back to the dealer for the 4th time today and they said they could have someone look at it next week and it would be at my cost because the warranty ran out. This is a know problem so GM needs to cover this.

    1. Avatar
      Rob WagnerFebruary 12, 2022

      I had exact same problems. 1st time, couldn’t find an issue. 2nd time, replaced fluid ( said was known issue with those transmissions) 3rd time, replaced with a remanufactured transmission. Been 4 months and I need to call them back on Monday cause it’s starting again.

      1. Avatar
        Daniel FleckFebruary 25, 2022

        They stall till the warranty runs out my dealership told me gm said give it back to him even though its not fixed and let him drive it another 200miles

        1. Christopher
          ChristopherFebruary 26, 2022

          Thanks for adding your voice to this post Daniel.

  6. Avatar
    DanielFebruary 10, 2022

    My dad 2016 Chevy Silverado had transmission ho out at 85,000 miles August 2021 cost $5000 to repair. Now its back with engine problems two options repair and or rebuild Motor $7000. NEW Motor $9000.
    The service guy said it was due o lack of maintenance. I have a 2013 chevy Tahoe same mileage with no issues. I do preventive maintenance. Always want to blame the customer. People trust in buying the Chevy brand for dependability and end up screwing loyal customers.

  7. Avatar
    JackFebruary 14, 2022

    I bought a 2015 Cadillac Escalade Premium Nov.2019,A beautiful vehicle ,Dec.2019 I took my Escalade to a dealership for transmission problems. The dealership performed a transmission fluid flush, and inform me the issue will clear up in a few months. I am having the same problems. A few months ago I took my Escalade to transmission shop for service, the shop inform me it require a new transmission to clear all of the problems. I will drive my Escalade until it stop, at this time I will replacement the transmission.

  8. Avatar
    Jalysia KimbroughMarch 3, 2022

    We bought our 2017 Chevy Tahoe with only 5 miles from Jim Keras Chevy in Memphis TN after 3 years 65,000 miles we had to spend $4,000 getting our transmission replaced

  9. Avatar
    Janine WasonMarch 21, 2022

    How can I join the class action lawsuit? I have a Cadillac Escalade 2017 and have been experiencing these issues; it’s currently at the dealer now, they said they are going to flush the transmission and that should fix the issue?

  10. Avatar
    Harold L.March 23, 2022

    Purchased a Certified Preowned 2019 Cadillac ATS Coupe with 9500 miles. After driving this car for the past 500 miles it is evident that the transmission has issues. It labors to shift from 1st to 2nd gear and sometimes exhibits sudden acceleration from 1st to 2nd gear. I brought it to my local Cadillac dealer here in SW Florida and discussed the problem. They were not willing to admit that this is a widespread problem. I showed them the TSB 18-NA-355 that describes the problem. They said a new TSB was released in 2022, TSB 16-NA-361, where it states that this is normal operation and replacing any transmission components will not resolve the problem. So GM states that this is an issue but it’s not a problem. I hope this class action suit prevails and GM replaces these defective transmissions.

  11. Avatar
    cesar wongApril 6, 2022

    i have issues with my 2017 sierra with delay acceleration and aggressive shifting into gear. i went today on the dealer and they said operates as it should at this time. but is not working property my transmission

  12. Avatar
    Michele LukeApril 27, 2022

    I have a 2016 Cadillac SRX, it only has 60,000 miles and I’m having transmission problems. Since I purchased this car brand new the Cue screen broke, the catalytic converter needed to be replaced, the started needed to be replaced, now I’m having transmission problems. I’m so disappointed in Cadillac


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