Who We Are

We are not your average gearheads. Sure, horsepower is cool...but we get more excited about investigating why a certain make and model engine consumes oil. We geek out over the technical nitty gritty of why things fail.

We're the guys at the car show telling owners to keep an eye on the temperature gauge. Yup, we're nerds for sure.

Crowdsourcing Automotive Complaints

Our goal is to help owners with their car problems. Data collected from owners is visualized in easy to understand charts to help inform consumers of problem trends across each make, model and year automobile. We take that valuable information about your vehicle and turn it into an interactive dashboard that others can use to research common problems across different makes and models.

Occasionally we stumble on a manufacturing defect trend. Or, a car owner like yourself sends us a car complaint which raises a red flag. When that happens, we dive into the data and look for wide spread manufacturing defect trends.

Sure, it's a lot of work. But when we receive an email from a vehicle owner thanking us for the help, it's a reminder to why we started this site.


Manufacturing defects happen. It's the way the manufacturer responds that matters.


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