Does Missing An Oil Change Void My Warranty?

Does Missing An Oil Change Void My Warranty?

Last Updated on April 19, 2024

What happens if you don’t follow the manufacturers suggested maintenance guide? Does something as simple as missing an oil change void the warranty? Yes your warranty will be voided, but only partially. If failure to perform regularly scheduled oil changes results in a part of your engine breaking, you will be liable for the cost of the repair.

However, the dealership must prove that your failure to service your car’s oil did without reasonable doubt caused the malfunction to the engine and need for repair. With any manufacturer not doing or not having proof of mandated maintenance can and will void the warranty.

But it often it depends on the nature of your problem that you think should be covered under warranty. The service advisor, service manager and to some extent the dealership will have to make the decision to cover the repair or not based on the vehicles service history. As an example, having your alternator covered under warranty won’t be affected by missing an oil change.

Does it Matter Where I Get an Oil Change?

Your car needs a certain type of oil to keep running smoothly and efficiently, but you can get an appropriate change at any local auto shop. Take a look at your owner’s manual so you know what your vehicle needs. If you’re not sure which oil is right for your car, most auto repair shops will be able to tell. The good news? Most of them will have the correct oil type in stock, so it shouldn’t be too difficult!

Why is it Important to Keep your Service Receipts?

In the event of a warranty claim, it is always best to keep your receipts and maintenance documentation for your car. If you have been servicing your vehicle at an independent repair shop, be sure to ask about how they handle warranties before you leave with a service bill in hand.

Why is the Car Maintenance Schedule Important?

Maintenance schedules are developed by car manufacturers for vehicle owners’ benefit. The best way to keep your warranty intact is by following the manufacturer’s instructions which recommend changing out oils on time with proper fluids.

Maintaining your car’s recommended maintenance schedule is the best way to make sure that you don’t end up with problems down the line. Not only will it help prevent any potential issues before they arise, but a well-maintained vehicle also has an increased resale value on top of everything else.

Final Thoughts

Oil changes are important to keep your engine running smoothly and help it last as long as possible. But, if you don’t change the oil regularly or follow the manufacturers maintenance procedures, this can lead to a voided warranty. So make sure you check with your car manufacturer before skipping an oil change.

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