Having a Car Problem?

We help car owners who are experiencing problems with their vehicle find a solution or join a potential class action lawsuit. When you submit a car complaint to MyCarVoice it helps our team uncover widespread defect and problem areas with a vehicle. If we discover widespread defects, we move to help these owners get resolution to these car problems by getting them in front of the auto manufacturers for resolution, or through a class action lawsuit.

What happens when you submit a complaint

Once a car complaint is submitted our team begins to research the complaint, and look to reveal if a wide-spread manufacturing defect exist. Each complaint is then published to our database for other owners and car shoppers to view and research. If a widespread defect is discovered, owners that submitted a complaint are contacted with next steps toward a resolution.

The MyCarVoice team consists of:

  • Auto mechanics
  • Lawyers that specialize in automotive defects
  • Researchers
  • Data analysis
  • Web developers

Accepting complaints from both United States and Canada
Accepting complaints from United States and Canada.
You are just minutes away from getting your complaint in front of our attorneys.