DMV Fails Student Driver for Using Tesla’s Regen Brakes

DMV Fails Student Driver for Using Tesla’s Regen Brakes

With the Tesla Model 3’s regenerative braking system, a 16-year old attempted to pass his driver’s license exam but failed after using this feature.

According to CBS SF Bay Area, the examiner noticed the car’s automated braking capabilities as soon as the test began, but it wasn’t until the very end that the examiner used it as an excuse for flunking the teen.

The student driver, Bryce Rosenblum is not happy with how his Tesla Model 3 test went. He claims that the examiner never instructed him to disable regenerative braking.

Based on the report, it appears that the examiner’s reasoning for the score was that the student didn’t physically use his foot and/or brake pedal to slow down the car, noting that the “applicant did not slow car. Only put foot on brake after car was slowed and stopping.”

“Right off the bat, she warns me that the car was slowing down on its own, like at a stop sign,” Rosenblum told CBS SF Bay Area. “And she told me that happened twice, before we even left the parking lot. And then we continue on the test. We did everything that a test is supposed to have in it. And then she then pulled me in and told me I failed.”

Needless to say, the student’s father wasn’t happy with their test results and reportedly had a few words for the examiners following their ordeal. They also filed an official complaint with California DMV.

“This is a broken process,” Neal Rosenblum reportedly told the examiner after the test, per CBS SF Bay Area. “In essence, she was saying the car was braking itself. And I said, ‘OK, but that’s how the car works.’ And she said, ‘But he needs to show me that he can actually move his foot from the gas pedal to the brake.’ And I said, ‘Ma’am, the car wasn’t set up like that. If he lifts his foot off the gas and starts to move it to the brake, the car is going to stop in the middle of the road.'”

The Rosenblums were thrilled to learn that their complaint was resolved in a timely manner. The teen ultimately qualified for his license and didn’t have to retake the test using any other cars.

This isn’t the first time a license applicant has been failed by the DMV due to Tesla’s regenerative braking system. As reported by Teslarati, an professor experienced nearly identical situation earlier this year when he drove his Model X for required driving test after relocating from out-of state and was unable because “the brakes kept engaging on their own.”

The automotive industry is on a green-fueled journey. With automakers planning to roll out more than 1 billion EVs by 2040, it will undoubtedly leave many legislative issues in need of reform.

Last Updated on December 15, 2021

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