Do Electric Cars Use Oil? Surprising Facts

Do Electric Cars Use Oil? Surprising Facts

Last Updated on February 16, 2024

Electric cars, for the most part, operate similarly to gas-powered vehicles, with a few notable exceptions. One of the most commonly asked questions about EVs is whether they, too, rely on oil. Do electric cars use oil?

Electric cars do not require oil. EVs are powered by an electric motor that only contains a few moving parts. These moving parts are lubricated and sealed at the factory, eliminating any need for routine maintenance.

It’s not too surprising that an electric vehicle, which operates much the same as a gas-powered one, has different maintenance requirements.

For example, traditional gas-powered or hybrid vehicles require oil to reduce friction in the essential components of the engine.

In an electric vehicle however, the car is powered by a electric motor, eliminating the need for oil. In fact, electric cars offer various advantages that make their maintenance significantly easier.

Without a complicated engine, routine oil changes are eliminated with electrified vehicles. Providing the luxury of easy reliable maintenance while cutting your ownership costs dramatically.

Are you considering switching to an electric car but have questions about potential upkeep? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this post will cover why EVs don’t require oil.

Why Don’t Electric Cars Use Oil?

So do electric cars use oil? As most people recognize, oil is a crucial component for lubricating the moving parts of a gas-powered engine.

Over time, this oil needs to be replaced to ensure that friction doesn’t build up in the engine and cause it to overheat, among many other potential problems.

The simple reason electric cars don’t need oil is because none of these high-friction processes — moving valves, pistons, and cylinders — are present in an electric vehicle.

As an example, there are over 2,000 moving parts in a gasoline powered car. However, an electric car only has 18. As you can imagine, less parts means less maintenance.

Overall, electric cars have much simpler designs requiring fewer mechanical parts. 

Where is Oil Used in Electric Cars?

While an EV does not require routine oil maintenance, oil is used to lubricate the bearings inside the electric motor.

And for good reason – electric motors are subject to high amounts of friction due to the rotational speeds and gliding motions inside the mechanism.

As such, to keep the components from overheating, grinding, or reaching excessive friction force, oil is used to keep the bearings in good working order.

However, these bearings are lubricated during the assembly process, and then sealed. And because the electric motor is sealed at the factory, the oil is never contaminated.

This eliminates the need for fluid replacement.

What Other Maintenance Do Electric Cars Need?

By now, many people recognize the draw of electric cars: they are powerful and require much less maintenance than their gas-powered counterparts.

And when it comes to electric cars, say goodbye to oil changes! It doesn’t matter if you’re an occasional or frequent driver – no need for those expensive and time consuming trips to the dealership.

They do, still, however, need coolant to control the heat generated by the lithium-ion battery.

As such, if you’re a new EV owner, then it’s a prudent first step to look at your owner’s manual and establish a maintenance routine to keep your car in good shape.

Do Electric Cars Use Oil FAQs

Do Electric Cars Need Oil Changes?

Absolutely not! Electric vehicles don’t need a drop of oil for upkeep, since they run on electricity instead of gasoline-fueled engines.

Do Electric Cars Have Any Fluids?

Electric cars do require fluids, such as brake fluid, coolant, windshield washer fluid, and transmission fluid.

Do Electric Cars Need to be Serviced?

Despite their advanced technology, electric vehicles do need periodic service and the occasional repair. It’s recommended to have your EV checked out twice a year for the vehicle system, plus standard tire rotations.

Final Thoughts: Do Electric Cars Use Oil

Electric cars are definitely the wave of the future. They don’t require oil, so you’ll never have to worry about changing your oil ever again.

Additionally, EVs are powered by an electric motor that only contains a few moving parts. These moving parts are lubricated and sealed at the factory, eliminating any need for routine maintenance.

So if you’re looking for a car that’s both environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance, an electric car is definitely the way to go!

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