2022 Toyota Tundra Wastegate Issues. Owners Begin to Speak Up

2022 Toyota Tundra Wastegate Issues. Owners Begin to Speak Up

Owners of the MY2022 Toyota Tundra are starting to sound off about wastegate issues with the 3.5 Turbocharged engine. Owners report issues with the turbo system which leads to the vehicle going into “Limp Mode” reducing the vehicles performance. If you own a 2022 Tundra, it’s important to be aware of the issue and take care of your vehicle accordingly.

In this post, we’ll discuss what issues specifically the 2022 Tundras engines are having, and what you can do if your Tundra falls victim to this problem.

No Replacement for Displacement

For the 2022 model year, Toyota made the switch from the 5.7 V-8 to a new 3.5 Turbocharged V-6 in the Tundra. Maybe it was for better fuel economy or costs, but the change hasn’t been without some problems. In fact, the switch in power plants hasn’t been a very popular one these days. Owners are now beginning to speak up about one such issue that can’t be ignored – wastegate problems.

What is a Wastegate?

The wastegate is kind of a big deal when it comes to turbocharged vehicles. It’s only job is to divert excess exhaust gases away from the turbos. By doing so, it helps control the speed of which the turbine inside the turbo is spinning. Without the wastegate, the turbo would spin out of control and push too much boost pressure into the engine. Too much boost pressure would likely damage the engine.

Fortunately, the Tundra’s sensors and computer are able to detect problems with the wastegate early enough. This results in the computer reducing the engines power output, protecting the engine.

Is Toyota Fixing the Tundra Wastegate Issue Under Warranty?

Currently yes, as many owners have reported this problem is indeed being rectified under warranty. That’s good news! However, the parts shortage due to the pandemic is not making it easy on dealerships to get replacement parts.

In fact, the parts needed to fix the Tundra wastegate issues are on a 30-day backorder, causing a major inconvenience for many. The complicated situation is made even more so by the fact that this part isn’t manufactured by Toyota itself, instead a supplier.

For those owners that use the Tundra as their work vehicle, this can mean weeks without a viable solution. Some Tundra owners might even look to their local lemon laws for help in getting a replacement truck.

Toyota Tundra Problems

2022 Toyota Tundra Problem Trends

Owners are reporting significant issues with the engine and power train for this vehicle.

How Easy is it to Replace the Tundra Wastegate?

Perhaps making the situation even more difficult, is the process of replacing the wastegate itself. This isn’t a pop the hood, disconnect a few hoses affair. Since the turbos are rear mounted, the cabin needs to come off. Or if preferred, the other method requires removing the entire front-end of the truck. This means bumper, fenders, lights, and pretty much anything else that’s in the way.

Some adventurous mechanics may even opt to drop the engine out the vehicle entirely. In a way, this makes the most sense. As the mechanic will have a direct and effortless path to the turbos and wastegate.

Either way, if the parts are available keep in mind this isn’t a quick afternoon repair. If you plan to have your Tundra in for wastegate issues, request a loaner vehicle from the dealership. However, if your Tundra is your work vehicle, things it a little more complicated.

Tundra Wastegate Problem Symptoms

Currently, owners have reported the following symptoms when the wastegate in their 2022 Tundra failed. These include reduced engine power and the following warning lights:

  • Check Engine Light-Visit Your Dealer
  • Reduced Power-Visit Dealer
  • Check Engine-Parking System Malfunction

You should call your dealership as soon if you receive a check engine warning light that matches any one of these above.

Toyota Tundra Owners’ Voices

I was driving and all of a sudden my engine failed and told me to pull over to a safe spot and restart.

NHTSA Owner Complaint #11462452

While driving forward on freeway 70 mph vehicle rear parking collision warning came on. Immediately truck lost power and display showed reduced power because turbo/wastegate issue. Truck lost all power started shaking and trying to brake on its own.

NHTSA Owner Complaint #11453361

I have been noticing since the beginning to middle of March 2022 the truck has been stalling while driving. It has happened 4 times since that time. Twice while in traffic and twice while driving on the highway. You have to come to a complete stop, put the vehicle in park and start the vehicle again. One time it happened we were almost rear ended by a semi truck driving behind us. Along with that, the Air Bag malfunction light has been coming on and off every few days. The fuel gauge has been showing all different fuel amounts as well every day. The truck has been a Toyota dealer for the past week and been communicating with Toyota engineers and I have been told by the service advisor Toyota is aware of these problems but do not have a fix. My family is terrified to drive the truck any longer and is a very dangerous and serious problem. I am not the only one who is experiencing this based on my own research. I did tell my dealer to document this on my record in detail as if anything happens to my family because of an engineering error I will take this to the highest level ever seen.

NHTSA Owner Complaint #11459674

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My Tundra Wastegate Failed, Now What?

Have you owned or leased a Toyota Tundra and experienced Wastegate problems? If so, send us your car complaint for review.

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3 thoughts on “2022 Toyota Tundra Wastegate Issues. Owners Begin to Speak Up

  1. Avatar
    Patrick Myers
    August 21, 2023 at 6:31 pm

    I have this problem with my 2022 Tundra. It has gone into limp mode 2 times. It is at the dealer now. They called me today and told me it was ready to be picked up. They had updated some software. I’m waiting on a better explanation and have not received a returned call at this time.

  2. Avatar
    June 27, 2022 at 10:39 am

    My 2022 Tundra has been at the dealership for 2 weeks over this problem…and it’s my work truck. Not sure what my options are at this point? All I hear is parts are hard to get right now.

    1. Christopher
      June 27, 2022 at 10:42 am

      Parts are hard to come by, and that’s a real issue across all brands and industries. But, not having a truck for work I can imagine is a problem. Submit your complaint so that we may be able to pull together others with the same problem and see if we can get some action from Toyota.

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