Mercedes-Benz Fuel Leakage – Class Action Lawsuit and Warranty Extension

Mercedes-Benz Fuel Leakage – Class Action Lawsuit and Warranty Extension

In February 2021, consumers filed a class action lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz on behalf of themselves and a class of current and former Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners and lessees of certain C300 models (years 2015-2019), that suffer from a defect that allegedly results in raw fuel leakage within the engine compartment, creating a fire risk and strong fuel odor to vehicle occupants. 

What is the cause of the fuel leakage in the engine compartment?  

The class action complaint explains that, in these model Mercedes vehicles, there is a fuel pump located within the engine compartment where the fuel hoses connect. This fuel leakage occurs at these connection points because of defective fuel hoses and/or the use of incorrect manufacturing to secure the hoses as needed per the complaint.  

According to the lawsuit, each of the named consumers experienced fuel leakage in the engine compartment of their C300 vehicles and a fuel smell in the interior. When each presented their vehicle to Mercedes for repair, the customers were denied warranty repairs and instead had to pay between $449 and $700 to repair the fuel leakage issue. 

In addition to the fire risk posed by raw fuel within the engine compart, the lawsuit explains that the cabin air filter pulls air from the engine compartment into the cabin for use in the heating and cooling. As a result of the alleged defect, fuel fumes are sucked into the cabin, where the fuel fumes can be detected and unavoidably inhaled by vehicle occupants.

Mercedes-Benz issues an extended warranty for the fuel leakage defect 

Mercedes-Benz filed a motion in July 2021 seeking to dismiss the lawsuit claiming there was no basis for the lawsuit to proceed.  Shortly thereafter, in August 2021, approximately six (6) months after the filing of the class action lawsuit, Mercedes-Benz issued a warranty extension on the low pressure fuel hose that connects to the high pressure fuel pump. As explained in the letter to customers “Under certain cold ambient conditions during a cold start of the engine, the low pressure fuel hose at that connection may experience slight fuel weeping.” The warranty letter from Mercedes states that if you already paid for this repair then “… you may be eligible to receive reimbursement under this warranty extension” but “[r]epairs preformed by a non-Mercedes-Benz dealership might not be reimbursed.”  

What vehicles are included in the Mercedes-Benz warranty extension?  

  • 2015 C300 and C300-4M
  • 2016 C300, C300-4M, C350e, GLC300, GLC 300-4M, SLK300
  • 2017 C300, C300-4M, C350e, E300, E300-4M, GLC 300, GLC 300-4M, SLC300

What should I do if I experienced this problem in my Mercedes-Benz?

If you experienced this fuel leakage issue then reach out to Mercedes to see if you qualify for compensation and/or the warranty extension. You can contact Mercedes-Benz customer care at 1-800-367-6372.  

You may also be able to receive compensation if there is a settlement or other resolution in the class action lawsuit. Please keep all receipts and related paperwork regarding the fuel leak issue in your vehicle as you may need to submit it as proof at a future time.  

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Last Updated on December 20, 2021

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