License Plate Screw Size. Finding the Right Size

License Plate Screw Size. Finding the Right Size

Changing a license plate may seem like a simple task, yet finding the right screw size can be surprisingly challenging. So, what is the most common license plate screw size for most cars?

The standard license plate screw size for many vehicles is 1/4″-14 x 3/4 inch. The 1/4 represents the screw’s threaded diameter in inches, the middle number 14 is the screw’s number of threads, while the last fraction 3/4 is the screw’s length in inches.

With standard sizes varying from 1/4-14-3/4 inch to other specifications, it’s clear that one size doesn’t always fit all. This guide aims to unravel this puzzle by offering advice on choosing the correct screw size for your vehicle’s license plate and where you can find them.

Ready for some hands-on knowledge? Let’s fasten that license plate correctly!

Understanding License Plate Screw Sizes

The standard screw size for most vehicles’ license plates is determined by the manufacturer, but there may be variations in sizes among different manufacturers.

Standard Screw Size For Most Vehicles

The standard license plate screw size for most vehicles is typically 1/4-14-3/4-inch self-tapping screws. This measurement suits the majority of car brands and doesn’t require a pre-drilled hole, which adds to its popularity.

The threading on these screws makes them compatible with vehicles featuring nylon or plastic screw retainers. However, there are exceptions depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Variations in Screw Sizes by Manufacturer

Different manufacturers may have variations in the screw sizes used for license plates. While the standard size is 1/4-14-3/4 inch self-tapping screws, some brands may use different specifications.

For example, Chevrolet vehicles typically use 10mm #14 x 3/4″ screws, while Honda vehicles may use either M6 x 1.0 x 20mm or 1/4-14-3/4 inch screws. Ford cars, on the other hand, commonly utilize 1/4″ (#14) x 5/8″ screws.

It’s important to check the specific requirements for your vehicle to find the appropriate screw size and ensure a secure fit for your license plate.

Determining the Right Screw Size for Your Vehicle

To determine the right screw size for your vehicle, start by researching the specific screw size recommended for your make and model. Below is a helpful chart of common license plate screw type and sizes by automotive manufacturer.

License Plate Screw Type and Size by Automotive Brand

Vehicle BrandScrew TypeLicense Plate Screw Size
AcuraSlotted Hex HeadM6 x 16mm
BMWPhillips Truss HeadM4.8 x 16mm
CadillacSlotted Hex HeadM6-1.0 x 16mm
ChryslerPhillips Head1/4″-14 x 3/4″
DodgeSlotted Hex Head1/4″-14 x 3/4″
FiatPhillips HeadM6 x 16mm
FordSlotted Truss1/4″-20 x 5/8″
FordSlotted Hex Washer Head1/4″-14-5/8″
FordSlotted Hex, Washer Head#14 1/4″ x 5/8″
GMSlotted Hex Head1/4″-14×3/4″
HondaPhillips Pan HeadM6-1.0 x 20mm
HyundaiPhillips HeadM6 x 16mm
JeepTorx Head#12 x 3/4″
KiaPhillips HeadM6 x 1.0 x 16-25mm
LexusPhillips HeadM6 x 20mm
MazdaPhillips HeadM6 12-16mm
Mercedes BenzPhillips Head6mm x 12mm
MitsubishiSlotted Hex HeadM6 x 1.0 x 10mm
NissanSlotted Hex Washer Head#14 1/4 x 3/4″
PontiacPhillips Pan HeadM6-1.0 x 16mm
PorschePhillips Head#12 x 3/4″
SubaruPhillips Pan Head#16 5/8″
SuzukiPhillips Head#14 1/4″ x 3/4″
RAM TruckSlotted Hex Head1/4-14-3/4″
ToyotaSlotted Pan HeadM6- 1.0 x 25mm
TeslaPhillips Pan HeadM5-0.8 X 8mm
VolkswagenPhillips HeadM6-1.0 x 16mm
VolvoTorx HeadM6-1.0 x 16mm

How to Find The Specific Screw Size for Your Make and Model

Different car manufacturers may use different screw sizes, so it’s important to find out which one is suitable for your vehicle.

You can consult the owner’s manual of your car, which often includes information about the recommended screw size. Another option is to contact the manufacturer or dealership directly to inquire about the proper screw dimensions for your license plate.

Consulting the Vehicle’s Owner’s Manual

To determine the appropriate screw size for your license plate, consult the vehicle’s owner’s manual. The owner’s manual will provide specific instructions and recommendations based on your make and model of the vehicle.

It may indicate the standard screw size or mention any variations that you need to be aware of.

Contacting the Manufacturer or Dealership

If you’re unsure about the correct license plate screw size, reach out to the manufacturer or dealership. It is a reliable way to get accurate information. They will have access to the official specifications and can provide you with the proper screw size for your make and model.

This ensures that you won’t waste time and money on purchasing incorrect screws. Simply reach out to them via phone, email, or through their website, providing them with your vehicle’s details such as make, model, and year.

Where to Buy License Plate Screws

When looking to purchase license plate screws, there are several recommended stores or websites that offer a variety of options for different vehicle makes and models.

Recommended Stores or Websites For Purchasing License Plate Screws

Most automotive parts stores, such as AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts carry replacement license plate screws. Additionally, online retailers like eBay offer a wide selection of license plate screws that you can conveniently order from the comfort of your lounge chair.

Considerations for Quality and Compatibility

When choosing license plate screws, consider both quality and compatibility. Opting for high-quality screws ensures durability and prevents rusting or stripping over time.

Look for screws made from stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials.

Using the wrong size may lead to loose plates or difficulty in installation. Consider checking your owner’s manual or contacting the manufacturer for guidance on the appropriate screw size for your specific make and model of vehicle.

How to Replace License Plate Screws

To replace license plate screws, you will need a screwdriver and new screws of the appropriate size. Start by removing the old screws with the screwdriver, then align the new screws with the holes in your license plate bracket.

Use firm pressure to tighten them securely, but be careful not to overtighten and damage the threads or strip the holes. Finally, double-check that your license plate is securely attached before hitting the road.

Tools and materials needed

To replace your license plate screws, you will need a few tools and materials. First, you’ll need a screwdriver that matches the size of the screws you are using. For most vehicles, a standard Phillips or flathead screwdriver will do the trick.

You may also want to have some pliers on hand in case the old screws are difficult to remove.

In terms of materials, make sure you have the appropriate replacement screws for your license plates. The most common size is 1/4-14-3/4 inch self-tapping screws, but it’s important to check your vehicle’s specifications to ensure compatibility.

Additionally, if your vehicle has plastic or nylon screw retainers instead of traditional screw holes, you may need special clips or fasteners to secure the license plate properly.

Step-by-step instructions for removing and replacing screws

To remove and replace license plate screws, you will need a screwdriver or drill with the appropriate bit for your screws. First, use the screwdriver or drill to loosen and remove the existing screws from the license plate bracket.

Once removed, take note of their size and length if they are still in good condition. Next, align your new screws with the holes on the license plate bracket and vehicle bumper. Use gentle pressure to thread them into place, being careful not to over tighten or strip the threads.

Finally, double-check that all screws are securely fastened before completing this task.

License Plate Screw Size FAQs

What size screws are used for a license plate?

Most license plates require standard #14 screws, which are typically 1/4 inch in diameter and 3/4 inch in length.

Can I use any type of screw for my license plate?

No, it is important to use the correct size and type of screw that is specifically designed for securing license plates. Using incorrect screws may result in damage or loss of your license plate.

Are there different screw sizes for front and rear license plates?

The screw size is generally the same for both front and rear license plates, but it’s always best to consult your vehicle’s manual.

Where can I purchase the appropriate screws for my license plate?

You can purchase the appropriate screws for your license plate at most automotive supply stores or online retailers specializing in car accessories. It’s important to ensure they meet the necessary specifications to secure your license plate properly.

Final Thoughts: License Plate Screw Size

Choosing the right license plate screw size for your vehicle is crucial to ensure a secure and proper fit. The standard size for most vehicles is 1/4-14-3/4 inch self-tapping screws, but it’s important to check the specific requirements for your make and model.

Remember to research, consult your owner’s manual, or contact the manufacturer or dealership if you’re unsure about the appropriate screw size. Properly replacing license plate screws will help prevent any issues with your license plate and ensure its security on the road.

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