GT350 Head Failure

Ford Shelby GT350 Oil Consumption and Engine Failure in partnership with is investigating a class action investigation on behalf of owners who purchased a Ford Shelby GT350 (model years 2016-18) that are prone to engine oil consumption, oil starvation and engine failure.

It has been alleged that certain Shelby GT350 vehicles have suffered from oil consumption, and oil pump issues resulting in low oil pressure within the engine. When this occurs, the internal components of the engine, including the crankshaft, connecting rods, main bearings, connecting rod bearings and cylinder walls, are subjected to severe conditions resulting in premature wear and ultimate failure. As a result, owners may be forced to pay out-of-pocket for engine repairs and replacements.

Details of reported Oil Consumption

  • Oil consumption causes the engine to run low on much needed oil
  • Oil pump fails due to drawing in air because of engine oil levels become dangerously low

GT350 Engine Details (5.2 Voodoo Engine)

Engine: 5.2 L V8
Horsepower: 526 hp
Cylinder Alignment: V8
Displacement: 5163 cm3 / 314.8 cui
Engine Lubricant Oil Capacity: 9.5 liter / 10 U.S. qt / 8.4 imp. qt
Engine Coolant Capacity: 60 liter / 15.9 U.S. gal / 13.2 imp. gal
Code-named: Voodoo

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Low oil pressure or engine failure with your Ford Shelby GT350?
If you have experienced oil consumption, low oil pressure or engine failure with your 2016-18 Ford Shelby GT350, please contact us by filling out the form on this page. An attorney will review each submission, and contact you personally.

Shelby GT350 Owner Voices

Car 7 quarts low after having ford do oil change 9 months prior. 3,500 miles put on the motor during that time. No oil on the ground where the car is parked. 2018 GT350, less than 15,000 on the car.

– David B

My 2017 motor was replaced with a 2019 motor. My car is no longer a matching numbers car which devalues the car. Collectible cars are number matching. Paid good money for a collectible car but now I’m stuck with a non matching numbers car. Not happy about that.

– John L

May 24, 2021 Update
Please keep all receipts related to engine failure repairs or engine replacement.

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  1. Avatar
    JonSeptember 20, 2021

    I documented that my 2017 GT350 factory engine used over six quarts of oil in approximately 14000 miles, with oil changes performed more often than recommended. I always watched the oil level closely and never had to add more than 1/2 quart at any given time. It never leaked any oil. Oil consumption was getting worse over time. Ford performed an “official” oil consumption test at 14000 miles, where it used 3.75 quarts in 500 miles. At that time, Ford replaced my engine. The new engine used perhaps 1/2 quart over its first 5000 miles. However, my GT350 is no longer numbers-matching, which reduces its value considerably, especially as it moves toward collectible status.

    1. Avatar
      ChristopherSeptember 21, 2021

      Jon, thanks for adding your voice to this investigation. Glad to hear your engine issues have been resolved. Many are still fighting for a resolution.


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