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Golf GTI

Pros:its fun to drive when it works!

Cons:reliability is non-existent, which is pretty norma

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We had to have the first gti replaced by vw due to a "catastrophic" dsg transmission failure at 1692 miles. vw customer care/service is terrible, worse than any cable company you care to imagine. after months of in and out of service departments they finally replaced the car with a new one but the taste in my mouth for vw has been soured to the point that we will never buy another one...and this was our 7th new gti and 10th new vw since 1985. never again! the new one is ok and great to drive but fir the price ($30,000+) it should be! that's getting into the next tier of car and this one can't compete with those (small bmw, mercedes, etc). do yourselves a favor and skip this one, especially with all that has come out about vw recently. they told us that the dsg failure was the first of its kind but that's just not true either(we found out after some research that there have been many!). i hope this helps for anyone considering this car!

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