Tesla Suspension Recall: SB-21-31-003

Suspension Link Recall: Tesla issues a recall on nearly 3,000 vehicles

Tesla is recalling 2,822 Model 3 and Y vehicles for a defect that may affect their front suspension. The issue affects sedans from the 2019-2021 model years to crossovers in 2020/2021 models.

The problem

Two fasteners on the front suspension which attach it to subframe. An investigation found that these links may loosen over time because they were not secured properly by the manufacturer.

The NHTSA reports that if they loosen enough or separate from the subframe, such that lateral link also comes apart during driving – wheel alignment could shift and cause instability leading to an increase in collisions.

The report suggest that a loose fastener may cause an abnormal noise which could alert the driver to the presence of this issue.

The Fix

Tesla has announced that they will be inspecting all vehicles included in the recall for proper torque specs on both fasteners affixing the lateral link to sub-frame. A service representative will re-torque them to the correct specification.

If damage was caused by this defect, Tesla will replace damaged components at no cost to the owner.

In an attempt to prevent the issue from arising in any future vehicles, Tesla has added a multi-spindle tool that tightens both fasteners simultaneously.

Tesla has notified all stores of this issue and is mailing out notification letters. Owners will be offered free repairs associated with the recall.

Quick Takeaways

  • NHTSA campaign number: 21V835000. Tesla’s number for this recall is SB-21-31-003
  • The problem: Front Suspension Lateral Link
  • The Fix: Tesla Service will tighten or replace the lateral link fasteners as necessary, free of charge
  • How to contact the manufacturer: Owners questions may be directed to Tesla customer service at 1-877-798-3752

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