Knocking engine at 56100 miles

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Pros:The body style

Cons:It had to have an engine rebuild that took 4 mos at 56100 miles

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Yes, by the dealer

My vehicle started making a noise and it was due for an oil change within 100 miles. Therefore, I went that day and got the oil changed and the vehicle had no oil. No light come on or anything and referred me to contact Hyundai. Going home the noise got worse and the knocking noise kept up all the way home. I contacted the shop and looked under the hood to ensure the cap was on. The shop indicated they couldn't do anything to contact the dealership since the vehicle was under warranty. This was the beginning of July. I didn't drive the vehicle due to the knocking noise and I didn't have an appointment at the dealership until July 11th at 8am. I took the vehicle in and was told I had to pay for a rental out of pocket until the problem was diagnosed and if Hyundai agreed to cover it under the warranty. I called weekly regarding the status since my rental had to be renewed weekly. It took until August 13th for Hyundai to diagnosis and approve the work. I just got my vehicle back on November 12th. I was without my vehicle for 4 months.

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No, I would not recommend

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Angela H.

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