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Cons:Oil consumption, dual transmission chip defect

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My car has been burning excessive amounts of oil, I first noticed my oil light flicker around 85K, the light did not stay on so didn't think to much. It happened again about 2 weeks later (light flickered) I checked my oil, I had NO OIL. I was told I needed to do 3 - 1000 mile oil consumption test, I did them with all over 1 1/2 qts low at every 1000 miles. After those 3 test I was informed Hyundai now requires dealership to do a oil change before the oil consumption test. They changed oil and i did my second set of 3 - 1000 miles oil consumption test. Every 1000 miles over 1 qt low. Then they asked for receipts/records of oil changes. I the provided them, now they want to remove valve cover to look for what they called gook and that will cost me $ 300.00. Like what..... Anyway that was just done and I'm waiting to hear what the next venture will be, it's been 8 months of this. I went to check my oil one time my car hood was so hot and I could not put the rod up to hold my car hood up. The dip stick was just as hot, I guess since I didn't have NO OIL. I can imagine the damage this has done to my engine. Hyundai is also stating 1 qt per 1000 miles is expectable, that is insane. I don't no how long this has been happening since the engine oil light never comes on. Luckily it flickered those 2 times before my warranty expired, however does that really matter since they are not doing much other than giving me the run around. At 5000 miles the car would not move in drive, that was a chip malfunction for the transmission. They never have to worry about me purchasing another car from them.

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