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Pros:Like the style, interior, and car ride

Cons:All of the technical issues I have had with this car in the short time I have owned it.

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My car started experiencing the same oil consumption issue as many others I have read about. I have a 2016 Hyundai Tuscon, and in November of 2020, before my 100k mile warranty was going to be up, my car started eating up the oil every 1k miles. However, I didn't know that was the issue then. There was no oil leak whatsoever, and I never missed an oil change. After taking it to the dealership for my next oil change, the same issue came up, had absolutely no oil in the engine, and so the dealership told me I had to begin the oil consumption test process, driving it every 1k miles, taking it back to the dealership, and getting the levels checked every time. In May of 2021 it was determined that there was indeed an oil consumption issue and they then proceeded to do the combustion cleaner procedure. I was then told that this had "fixed the issue" but that was not the case. I returned back in August as it was time for my next oil change and there was absolutely NO oil in the engine again. Due to an internal error within the dealership, I had to repeat the entire process all over again!! This was an extremely stressful time for me and very inconvenient. In October, it was then deemed that I needed to have an engine short block replacement, but I was told that I would still be responsible for covering 20% of the costs plus any other fees that incurred for obtaining a rental or other vehicle. As a single parent, I had no other choice but to agree. I was told I would have to leave my vehicle there at the dealership without a replacement vehicle, for an unspecified amount of time due to a backlog of parts/services. As a single mother with no secondary vehicle, this was not an option for me. My car ended up completely giving up on me, leaving me stranded in January and I had to then leave the car at the dealership. After a little over two months, the engine block was finally done, however, I still ended up having to pay $2,450 out of my pocket in order to cover the engine replacement plus the replacement of the cam shafts which were consequently also damaged. Although I am very grateful that Hyundai did cover a majority of the cost, I am still very upset that I had to pay so much money out of pocket for something that should have never happened to begin with. I have had so many other issues with this vehicle in the short time I have had it (multiple faulty window buttons, the time on the screen just disappeared, rear passenger door would not open, seal on paint of the car coming off, multiple compressor replacements due to faulty compressors, and others). I am so grateful for having purchased the extended warranty, because had I not, almost none of the issues I have experienced since purchasing this vehicle would have been fixed without me having to pay out of pocket.

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