Oil consumption in 2018 Hyundai Tucson

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Pros:comfortable, attractive

Cons:oil consumption and gasoline mileage well below the estimate mpg when purchased.

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Yesterday we drove our Hyundai about 10 miles, heard a knock in the engine and resolved to take it to our mechanic - about 300 yards later it stalled out at a stop sign. After several attempts, it restarted and we pulled off the road to call our mechanic. Since it was running and oil light was not displayed, he said we should drive it to the shop. The oil light flashed on a off quickly a few times on our way but never stayed on.

The oil level was found to be very low and no leaks were found. Diagnosis is oil consumption. We will take it back to the mechanic on a scheduled basis to check oil levels to document the rate of consumption. So far we've spent hundreds but it looks like this problem is going to cost thousands of dollars.

This might explain why we have had very bad gas mileage with this car.

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