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Pros:Looks nice

Cons:Everything about it with the exception of the looks I HATE.

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The front seats are HORRIBLE. I cannot drive my car 1 hour without my butt killing me. . The seat is small and the sides are hard as steel. I cannot believe I leased this vehicle for 3 years and have 2 left. It is a nightmare for me to be stuck with this car. I hate the shift also. My husband refuses to drive it after the first time he drove this vehicle he almost had a wreck because of the way it shifts. On top of everything the sunroof has never been opened however, my grandson got in the back seat one day and when I took off water poured out on him. (we had had a heavy rain the night before.) It seems something was wrong with the sunroof and it along with the entire top inside had to be replaced and was in the shop for over two weeks.
When I first got this vehicle it was in and out of the shop FIVE times. It is a LEMON and I hate it with a passion. I have had this vehicle for one year and two months and have 9K miles on it.

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No, I would not recommend

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Gwen S

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