Nissan Class Action Lawsuit Over Forward Emergency Braking System Defects

Nissan Class Action Lawsuit Over Forward Emergency Braking System Defects

Last Updated on November 2, 2023

Nissan’s FEB system has been the source of many complaints, with owners claiming that it can unexpectedly engage or fail completely. A class action lawsuit has since been filed against Nissan North America for these alleged defects in its Forward Emergency Braking (FEB) system.

The lawsuit claims that despite repeated owner complaints and dealership repair orders, Nissan wrongfully and intentionally concealed the defect forcing owners to pay for repairs.

Forward Emergency Braking System Problem

According to the lawsuit, the FEB system uses radar sensors(Continental ARS410) to detect obstacles in front of the vehicle. If the FEB system detects an obstacle, the driver is alerted. If the driver does not respond quickly, the FEB system automatically applies the brakes.

Vehicle owners however claim the FEB system contains one or more defects resulting in erratic and unexpected behavior. Because of alleged defects with the system, it’s therefore unpredictable and poses a safety hazard to drivers and other occupants on the road.

Due to defects with the FEB system, vehicle owners have experienced the following behavior:

  • Detecting nonexistent obstacles on the road resulting in the automatic triggering of the brakes suddenly, causing the vehicle to slow down abruptly
  • Forcing the vehicle to come to a complete stop without warning, and when not required to do so
  • FEB system deactivating itself causing drivers to lose their focus on the road and rendering the safety feature completely useless
  • Dashboard flashes warning: “Front radar unavailable due to obstruction.”

The lawsuit alleges that Nissan North America has been wrongfully and intentionally concealing the defect in their Forward Emergency Braking system.

Nissan markets its FEB system as:

Intelligent feature that uses radar technology to monitor the vehicle’s proximity to the vehicle ahead, giving the driver audible and visual display warnings to help the driver reduce the vehicle’s speed if a potential frontal collision is detected. If the driver fails to respond, the Forward Emergency Braking system can apply the brakes, helping the driver to avoid the collision or reduce the speed of impact if it is unavoidable.

Additionally, vehicle owners claim Nissan’s failure to disclose the FEB defect(s) to consumers, despite their knowledge of alleged defects render the vehicles unsafe and unreliable.

Despite Owner Complaints, Nissan Refused to Repair or Replace FEB System

Nissan had early indications that its FEB system contained one or more defects during pre-production testing. Yet despite consumer complaints, warranty data, and even dealership repair orders, Nissan has not recalled a single vehicle equipped with the FEB system. Instead, the cost of paying to diagnose and repair has been shifted to the consumer.

The lawsuit even includes several complaints submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding the models listed in the lawsuit.

Nissan Vehicles Affected

The following vehicles are affected by the alleged Forward Emergency Braking system defect:

Status of the Nissan Forward Braking System Class Action Litigation

The lawsuit was filed on February 15, 2022 in the United States District Court Middle District of Tennessee.

Class Action Currently Active

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4 thoughts on “Nissan Class Action Lawsuit Over Forward Emergency Braking System Defects

  1. Avatar
    Barbara mccarthy
    January 8, 2023 at 6:51 am

    How do I join the class action suit

    1. Christopher
      January 8, 2023 at 8:11 am

      There is nothing you need to do to join this lawsuit. However we recommend you add your complaint so when a settlement is announced, you receive an email alert. Add your complaint here.

      1. Avatar
        Marilyn Crawford
        January 30, 2023 at 4:53 pm

        We have a 2020 Nissan Altima if we drive over bridge with span on it or a street that has an overpass our car SLAMS on the Brakes!!!!! It is Terrifying!!!

        1. Christopher
          January 31, 2023 at 7:47 am

          I can only imagine how scary that is Marilyn. Be careful driving that car.

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