Do Dealerships like Recall Work?

Do Dealerships like Recall Work?

Last Updated on December 30, 2021

Whether you’re a regular at the dealership for service or only visit when there’s a recall, you may be wondering do dealerships like recall work? Yes, dealerships like recall work because the problem and solution have been well documented by the original manufacturer. This means all the dealership needs to do is order the replacement parts and install per manufacturers instructions.

This makes recalls a great stream of income for dealerships. Once the recall fix has been made to the customers car, the dealership will then be paid by the manufacturer. The customer pays nothing–so long as the recall is satisfied within the statute of limitation for all no-charge recalls. The statute of limitations for car recalls is 8 years from the original purchase date.

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The Auto Industry is a Worrying Place These Days

With safety recalls taking hundreds of thousands off the road until their vehicles can be repaired, it can be pretty inconvenient for car owners to have to take their vehicle in for service. But dealerships generally understand that it’s important to get recalls taken care of, and typically provide loaner cars to help ease the burden of dropping a car off for recall service.

Car Recalls are Common in Today’s Sophisticated Automobiles

There’s always a way to right the wrongs done by defective parts or software. Tens of millions vehicles are recalled every year in America—more than 31 million from 786 different recalls last 2020 alone, according The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

But the truth is that engineering errors are impossible to avoid completely, and even the smallest oversight on the assembly line can cause thousands of vehicle recalls just a few months later.

What to Do After a Car Recall

If you’re a car owner with an open recall, don’t worry. Dealerships understand that recalls are important and they want to make sure your vehicle is safe for the road. Make sure your car has been inspected by a certified dealer or repair shop in order to ensure it’s up-to-date with all its safety inspections!

But if you think there might be something wrong with your ride–why not take this opportunity to have them check out any issues? They’ll give you peace of mind about what needs fixing on your vehicle so that nothing will go wrong when driving around town.

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