Class Action Complaints Filed Against Hyundai Over Kona and Ioniq Battery Defect

According to class action complaints filed against Hyundai Motors America, the lithium-ion batteries and related management systems of the Kona EV (2019-2021) and Ioniq EV (2020) vehicles are allegedly equipped with defective battery systems.

As first reported by LegalScoops, the complaints allege the affected vehicles are unsafe in that they fail to prevent thermal runaway and spontaneous ignition of the batteries in the affected vehicles.


Allegedly when the lithium-ion batteries are overcharged, this creates a fire risk to the extent some drivers have been advised to park their electric vehicles outdoors and away from structures.

Hyundai EV Battery Problems

Hyundai had voluntarily recalled approximately 6,700 Kona vehicles over the high voltage battery system having certain electrical deficiencies that may cause a fire. Hyundai then expanded that recall to include certain 2019-2020 Kona EVs and 2020 Ioniq EV sedans for what the company said may also be at risk for battery fires.

The complaints allege that Hyundai continues to sell these electric vehicles in the United States despite safety concerns which arose following a series of fires plaguing them. The Korea Consumer Agency has also issued warnings about their battery defects, and subsequent recalls relating to this issue.

Complaints also allege Hyundai reprogrammed the batteries in its Kona and Ioniq EV vehicles to 90 percent of their promised range capacities as part of these recalls. Additionally the complaints allege that Hyundai either knew or should have known the battery ranges for its electric Kona and Ioniq vehicles were falsely misrepresented yet continued to tell the public these cars could meet their stated driving distances.


Hyundai’s reduction of the cars’ battery capacities have resulted in less range than advertised and labelled on their Monroney vehicle stickers.

Hyundai Models Affected

According to publicly available data, the total number of Class Vehicles sold is approximately 250,000 vehicles. The following Hyundai models are affected by this defect:

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