$5 Million Lawsuit For Defective BMW Cup Holders

$5 Million Lawsuit For Defective BMW Cup Holders

The new BMW X7 is facing a massive class-action lawsuit due to allegedly defective cupholders. BrightK Consulting–the plaintiff, claims that the cup holders fail to do their job because they were not designed to hold cups that contain liquid.

BrightK Consulting is suing BMW and nine other unknown defendants for fraud and deceit, breach of warranty, negligence, the California consumer legal remedies act violation, and five additional related charges.

The lawsuit alleges that the cup holders are designed defectively as they are not intended to actually hold cups filled with liquid.

The problem: when liquids from the cup spill, the wires for the SRS (airbag) control module get soaked, allegedly causing damage to the vehicle’s airbags. The SRS airbag wiring which sits directly underneath the cup holders, is prone to exposure to any liquids spilled from the cup holders.

Customer complaints over BMW cup holders can be traced all the back to the early 1990s. As BMW’s U.S. subsidiary had been pleading engineers back in Munich for better cup holder designs in its car interiors. Even when the first X3 appeared in 2003, engineers begrudgingly gave customers what were essentially water bottle holders in the door panels.

Fans of McDonald’s 30 ounce cups or 7-Eleven Big Gulp cups beware.

UPDATE: A settlement has been reached. See full details here.

Last Updated on May 3, 2023

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