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2016 purchased 2017 under 30,000 miles. Already had replaced transmission. Assured me they would fully cover it. 4 months later engine blew as I was going down the highway. Managed to get off the road. They replaced the engine. Started having trouble with engine just under 100,000 miles. They checked oil, told me to come back in 1000 miles to recheck. I did. They said it was Ok. Never told me I had to have 4 visits after 1000 miles for the "oil consumption test." Had oil changed, and they told me I didn't have any oil! Afraid to drive far, I took it to nearest Hyundai dealer. They filled it, and restarted oil consumption test. They are the ones that explained I had to come back 4 times. End result, 2 1/2 quarts in 4000 miles. Service dept. notified corporate, they gave me a number to call corporate also. Guy at corporate was helpful and said there should be no problem. Got back to me and said corporate denied replacing engine because by now, it was over 100,000 miles by about 6000 miles at this point. Refuse to listen to me.

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Gloria L

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