Hyundai oil problem lead to engine failure

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Pros:This had seemed to be a good car. Had great gas mileage.

Cons:At the moment I dislike everything about this car. I am beyond frustrated and this experience makes me never want to own a Hyundai again, their employees both corporate and at the dealership were very rude.

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I purchased my Hyundai Tucson in April 2019. It seemed ok at first was consuming a little more oil than I had experienced with other vehicles but was told that was normal for a turbo to use a little more. I thought nothing of it at the time. The problem proceeded to get worse. I was putting at least a quart in it every week and a half to two weeks. Every time I had taken it in for oil changes no one said anything about it and said the car was fine. Even when it went in for inspection it was fine. My fiance and I were taking my stepdaughter home after Thanksgiving 2021. This was a 3 hour trip from home for us about 130 miles one way. We had checked the oil, brake fluid, tore pressure, etc. before we left, to make sure we would have a smooth drive. We were about 10 miles from our destination on the highway and the car just stalled in the middle of the road and stopped working. Thankfully we were able to get it off the road and out of danger. I checked the oil and it was all gone, there was nothing reading on the dipstick. I was shocked I had no idea how this could have happened especially since we had just checked it and made sure all was well before we left. We had to be towed home which was rather expensive. I had the car to my mechanic and he informed me that it was going to need a new engine because being out of oil had damaged it. I then also had my car to the dealership hoping there was a recall or something they could do to help and I was wrong. They too informed me that I would need a new engine and they were going to charge me $11,000 to fix it. At the time I still owed $9,000 on it and couldn't afford to fix it. I am very lucky that my family and I were not hurt when the car stalled on the highway. I am also very frustrated that I now have a car that I am still making payments on that I can't drive.

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Kim G.

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