Oil Consumption Problem

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Pros:Love the car, rides nice, great room all ok except oil problem

Cons:Oil Consumption is very inconvenient to my life and I don't want future problem

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Oil Consumption Problem
My father is a handy man and every time I felt something weird with my car, he would check the oil and notice that it is low at least 2 quarts. I keep up with my car, oil changes etc. So I started telling the dealership. They have noticed as well but were told to go thru proper channels. This included oil changes then come back 1000 miles. I did this several times, until finally they did some sort of cleaning.

But I am still continuously having problems with oil consumption. I felt for a while this was another job for me because I had to make sure I made it back in by 1000 and not to go over etc, so had to borrow peoples cars etc. There is obvious problems with these engine and the oil consumption. I have documented visits at Hyundai, even the service advisor telling me and noting there was a problem.

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Christine G.

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