2017 Hyundai tucson

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Pros:Very spacious, stylish in color

Cons:The amount of recalls

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I bought a 2017 Hyundai Tuscan 5 years ago in Charlotte. I moved to Winston Salem and have been living here for 5 years. I have only taken my vehicle to Bob king Hyundai for all maintenance done on my vehicle. This year alone I have had multiple appointments to get brake flushed, coolant flushed, stage fuel system service, transmission flushed and cabin and air filter replaced since January of this year. Every time I left from an appointment I received a vehicle inspection that said everything was in the green. Then last Friday I was coming home from work and my car stalled in traffic and then started to make a loud knocking noise. I checked the oil levels and there was no oil in my vehicle. I had just received an oil change January 11,2022 and still had 2500 miles until another oil change. I parked the car in my garage and took pictures under my vehicle there was no oil leak and no smell of oil burning. I immediately contacted the dealership and the service guy was saying oh this is normal. I took the vehicle to the same dealership for an diagnostic and he reported that the knocking was due to no oil in the engine but could not explain why the vehicle did not have a drop of oil when I had recently had an oil change and have no leaks in my vehicle. The service guy reported that they could not diagnose the engine rods due to GDS not allowing him to perform bearing clearance test. They made me pay for a diagnostic with no results on what is going on with my vehicle. I had to pay to get the vehicle towed to and from the dealership. None of the service team or service manager are trying to help me at all. They told me I need a new engine and quoted me for 15,000 dollars and sent me on my way. This facility did a prior recall on my vehicle and left a part off that they replaced after I made a big stink about it. The facility is very neglectful in service.

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