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Pros:Good mostly reliable car, I have had generally minimal issues with it.

Cons:Something must have changed in the 2017 model half way through but I got the unfortunate version of the care that could not get Android Auto or Apple Car Play, while other 2017s could.

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For the last 20K miles (3-4 oil changes) my 2017 Hyundai Tucson has been burning oil off becoming empty. The first time the issue was noticed I believed it to be a sell tactic by the quick oil change chain I went to to sell me additional "engine cleaning" services, but it came up on the next oil change which was even fewer miles than the previous change. I began to look to see if there were leaks in my garage or my parking space at work nothing has been seen at either location. Again at this point my car burned through that oil change again in under 5k miles, I had it changed again (now the 3rd oil change since the issue presented). I started noticing issues with my car around 3.5-4k miles and took it into the dealership this time to be looked at by them and have an oil change done once they found the issue. They did not find any issues, and did the oil change asking for me to come back in 1000 miles to redo it so they can check the levels then for the issue. This is where I am at now, waiting to take it in again.

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