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Pros:Size, awd, great navigation system, comfortable, decent mpg

Cons:Oil consumption issue

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No, dealer refused to help

Hyundai dealer has always done the oil changes on this car. After the last oil change, the service tech told me the oil had been low and recommended I drive 1000 miles, then come back to have the level checked. At around 800 miles, the oil light came on, engine was running rough, so I checked the oil level and found it very low. I added a quart of oil and the engine ran normal. I called the dealer to get advice was told to drive another 1000 miles since I added the quart of oil, no appointment needed, just drop by, they said. Drove 1000 miles, then dropped by the dealer, who then said they needed to get permission from Hyundai to do the oil consumption test, they will call me the next day. 5 days later, I hadn't heard from them, so I called and was told the test was denied.

They did not offer any solutions or give me any idea of what can be done. I left messages for the service manager and finally got a call from one. He says there is no charge for an oil consumption test, they just need to do another oil change, drive it 1200 miles, then they can check the oil level again.

So, why was this denied in the first place if it's a free test? They have not contacted me to schedule anything yet. I'm worried about the engine failing now that I've been researching this issue. I am the 2nd owner of the car and was told it is now out of warranty due to it having 2 owners.

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