Is Honda still reliable like in the old days?

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Pros:good on gas, adjustable cargo space

Cons:mechanical problems, overall reliability - big ?

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Ask yourself: Is Honda still reliable like in the old days?

Honda HR-V 2017 (I own it for 2.5 years now) is my third NEW car I purchased from dealership for past 10 years. Two previous ones were Chrysler's. So, I decided to go for HR-V primary: RELIABILITY and design.

My disappointment started after I had it for about a month, with both of rear shocks was defective from manufacturer and needed to be replaced, it took 2 weeks to order, deliver and replace them. But I said "Hey, no biggie, happens to everybody" (factory warranty covered parts and labor).

It's a "work-home" highway drive car, barely ever stuck in traffic or driven through big cities. All oil changes, and services were done ONLY at Honda dealership.

Currently 62,000 miles on it and guess what happened last Friday! Bunch of lights come on all over dashboard and it quit driving. I called Lumberton Honda dealership (what's the place I purchase HRV) and tow it over there to be checked on.

Long story short, they said I need NEW transmission (NEW TRANSMISSION) to be replaced. But, Honda Powertrain Limited Warranty 5-Year/60,000-Mile, I'm at 62,000 unfortunately. I also purchased a full extended warranty up to 100,000 at same dealership when I bought car.

I was told, that claim has been made and underwriter going to check on it today.
At dealership they ask me if I had anything done to a transmission. Lady mentioned that transmission suggested to be serviced around 30,000. Nobody said anything about it to me during multiple oil & filter changes I've done at dealership.

I want to believe, it's a general inquiry and they not working together (car dealer and warranty company) to "play me". Worst car experience I had so far.

Ask yourself: Is Honda still reliable like in the old days?

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