Enjoyed the HR-V - Then transmission failure.

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Pros:Seemingly affordable small crossover, AWD, styling

Cons:CVT transmission failure, future value will be low

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I leased a 2016 HR-V for three years after owning/leasing an Insight and Fit. I enjoyed the car so much that I decided to buy it after my lease ended. One month later, the transmission failed. First a vibration was noticeable around 25mph when the CVT was shifting. Two days later, the lower gears made more pronounced vibrations/noises. The same day after driving about 2.5 hours on the freeway, transmission went out at 70mph acting like neutral on the freeway. The HR-V had 71,000 miles and no other problems prior to the transmission failure.

The repair was quoted at $6500 for a car I just purchased for $14k. I ended up trading in the HR-V at a huge loss toward a new CR-V. I appreciate the help from my local dealership, but this seems to be a larger problem with the CVT transmission. Had I paid and replaced the transmission, would the new transmission die at 140k? Another $6500 transmission in three years = totaled. I bought the HR-V hoping to give it to my daughter when she went to college, but clearly this Honda is not as reliable as others.

I still appreciate Honda vehicles for their value, styling and reliability, but I will never purchase a CVT transmission vehicle without a lifetime powertrain warranty.

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