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Pros:Looks fun, nice color, can be fun to drive

Cons:Noisy, bumpy, sluggish, bad A/C system, dull inter

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I leased the 2020 HR-V Sport. Love the blue metallic color. Looks fine. I used to lease Civics so I thought it would be a fun change. It's alright, and I don't want to rip it apart. But here's what I've learned through the ownership process, day by day.

Gas mileage not even close to what is on the sticker. There is so much turning of the steering wheel while making turns, it's as if it's not power steering. Cloth on the doors? Why? The volume of the sound system-and the phone-is disappointing. No tint on windows. The tires should be Hankook like the Civics. Never heard of Continentals! Gas cap not a push to open, and a cap on the inside is outdated. The front dash never looks shiny. No inside hatch release? Come on. The power is disappointing as well. The Civic had some fun pick-up. This HR-V is a 1.8 L should at least match the 2.0 with the extra vehicle weight. Very small display for back-up camera. The interior lighting and design is pretty boring. But the worst, for a 50 yr old woman living in Florida-IS THE A/C! Its an outdated non-digital, and the air never feels cold enough. The vents don't position correctly to hit you in the face. I'm taking mine in for service just for that reason! Who uses a dial on an a/c anymore? I know I get bored quick-that's why I lease. But I wouldn't purchase this car. It looks better than it drives and performs. So mad about the A/C-should've tested it in June...

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