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Pros:Mechanically dependable, roomy and stylish

Cons:seals, sunroof, seat fabric & paint, no navigation

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This is my first Honda and I must say I am not impressed. Mechanically the car seems fine. My complaint is the finishes and the seals. It's been in the shop numerous times for leaks, starting with my doors it literally leaked into the floor going through the car washes. Then the sun roof leaked. I've had this black strip next to the window replaced 10 months ago and it is now coming off a second time. And currently it's in the shop because the roof paint has started to peel. The car is only two years old and now there's an extended warranty on the white vehicles because of this issue. I heard about this with Kia's but I certainly never expected it with Honda. I also dislike the fabric on the seats. Even raindrops show a stain. I got in it with a wet bathing suit and you can still see the impression months later. My biggest complaint is the lack of navigation. I can tell what time it is in two different spots, the radio and the dash however I cannot tell what direction I'm going in. I literally had to buy a boat compass and mount it on the dash. And this is the Honda fit EX 6 speed manual transmission It's just ridiculous. I wasn't too worried about the 3-year 36000 mile warranty when I purchased the car because I honestly thought they were great cars. Now I'm starting to worry.

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