EV Car Problems

With the rise of electric cars, people have been switching over from traditional gas vehicles. By 2040 it is projected that there will be more than 57% EV's on our roads!

Electric vehicle ownership might just give your finances a boost since these types often cost less to operate than their gasoline counterparts. Not only do they help us meet global goals on climate change, but their low fuel costs make them cheaper than ever before.

A recent survey found that 82% percent European consumers believe in "clean air" and would purchase an electric car even if it had a higher upfront cost due to carbon taxes or fees imposed by cities like Paris which has banned gas guzzling vehicles by 2040. In a world where pollution levels are becoming more serious by the day; it's only natural that we would want to reduce our carbon footprint with all types of transportation options available now.

However EV car owners have more to worry about than just finding a place for their chargers. There are plenty of problems that can arise, like software failures, dead batteries and even broken sensors in your EV vehicle. All of these EV car problems have the potential to leave you stranded.

Let's take a quick look at some of the EV car problems that are facing electric car ownership:

  • Software Glitches and Down Servers
  • Battery Failures
  • Availability of Charging Stations
  • Range
  • Charging time

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